Before & After the Day

Here are some easy tips for caring for your flowers before and after your event. We recommend that you assign someone to handle the care and shipping of your bouquet so you can focus on your event.

FlowersBefore Your Event

If you know in advance that you want to have your flowers preserved, let your florist know. If they have any questions they can always call us. The main thing is to prepare a water source for your bouquet.

After Your Event

Once your event is over there are a few things that you will want to avoid doing until you are ready to ship us your flowers the next day.

  • Do NOT freeze your flowers!
  • Do not place your flowers in a refrigerator that freezes produce.
  • Do not spray your flowers with water (or anything else for that matter).
  • Do not put your flowers in the sun.
  • Avoid crushing your flowers as they will bruise.

Timeless MomentsWhat should you do? Place your bouquet in a normal refrigerator, standing up in its vase if possible. If this is not possible, keep the bouquet in a cool room until you are ready to ship it. Refrigerating your flowers helps maintain coolness and moisture to prepare for the shipment.

Don’t worry if you slightly damage the flowers, we can trim the edges. This is quite normal. Please note that Stephanotis has no stem and will dry; we can rehydrate (if it is not crisp) or replace it. If any of your flowers are received in a condition in which they cannot be rehydrated or trimmed (moldy, loss of petals, completely dried/shriveled up, etc.) Timeless Moments can replace certain individual blooms to improve the appearance of the final arrangement.

Be sure to set up a time for the bouquet to be dropped off the day after the wedding, or arrange for shipping the first business day after the event. Visit our authorized dealers page or call us at 440-523-1099 to find out about our drop off locations or learn how to ship us your flowers.

Timeless MomentsCascade Bouquets

Cascade bouquets have a water source, the oasis holder.

Tip: When you get to the reception site, let someone take your bouquet and put some water in the holder. You may want to ask your florist to show you how to do this.

Timeless MomentsHand-tied Bouquets

Hand-tied bouquets are the most common bouquet, usually tied at the stems with a ribbon. Hand-tied bouquets most often do not have a water source.

Tip: Let your florist know that you will need a vase with water to put your bouquet in at the reception. Simply place the stems in the vase at the reception. If your bouquet has a ribbon, it is okay to get it wet (we can clean it). A few florists will use an oasis holder with the stems sticking out of the bottom; if this is your bouquet, follow the directions above for cascade bouquets.