The Process

ShadowboxWhat to expect

Typically, we will schedule your floral consultation with you after you have dropped off or shipped us your flowers. However, please feel free to call us or fill out our contact form to schedule a time to talk about the process, our services, and decide what is right for you.

During your floral consultation, you will receive one-on-one service and we will help you decide what kind of keepsake is best for you and will work best with your flowers. In the meantime, you can browse our inspiration galleries for ideas.

Timeless Moments offers a streamlined and flexible process for our clients. Not sure where to start? Call us at: 440-523-1099.

  • You can reserve your date before your event online or by phone. If your event has already happened, please call us at 440-523-1099 to get started.

  • You should review our information about caring for your bouquet before and after your event.

  • The day after your event, you or someone you assign will drop off or ship us your flowers.

  • Once we have your flowers, we will start the preservation process and keep your flowers safely stored.

  • Next, we will have a one-on-one floral consultation where we will go over your design and display options. We can do this online or, if you are local to Timeless Moments, we can do your consultation in person at our showroom.

  • After the consultation, we will craft your custom keepsake. Once your keepsake is ready we will either ship it to you or you can pick it up, completing the process.