Sales Terms & Conditions

Following are the Sales Terms & Conditions that apply to all sales and orders with Timeless Moments. We realize that you probably have better (and more fun) things to do than read a few pages about your custom order but… please do it anyway. Our goal at Timeless Moments is to make sure your custom keepsake does not take “forever” to be completed and delivered to you. Therefore, we have added a few safeguards in the process to help nudge you along to make sure you don’t inadvertently delay your own order.

Please read the information below. Timeless Moments will need you to sign a copy and send it to us within 14 business days of the arrival of your flowers at Timeless Moments. You can scan/e-mail it to or send it the old fashioned way through the mail.

Contacting You

If at any time your contact information changes (phone number, address, e.mail address), it is your responsibility to provide your updated contact information to Timeless Moments in writing (e.mail or snail mail). If we are not able to reach you with updates on your order (due to outdated contact information), you may still incur late and/or storage fees. We don’t want this to happen, so please make sure to let us know if your contact information changes.

What to Expect From Your Flowers

The freeze-drying of flowers is both an art and a science. Each flower is unique and variation in results is expected (such as rough edges, imperfect shapes, bubbling, change in color). We strive to produce a final product as close as humanly possible to what the flowers looked like when they were fresh. Please remember that the flowers will lose their dewy fresh appearance because all of the moisture will be removed from them during the freeze-dry process. Here are a few other things you should be aware of…

Color – some colors tend to deepen, whites tend to cream and antique a bit, some flowers change shades as they open.

Greens – some greens, even after being preserved, lose their color and turn brown over time. In an effort to keep your greens green in your framed keepsake, we may replace some (or all) with silk. That way you’ll still be happy with the results for years to come.

Bad flowers – yes, some flowers misbehave and do not react well to the freeze-dry process. Many factors contribute how well flowers freeze-dry including how fresh they are when the florist receives them, how well the flowers “drink” water (damage to the stems will cause the flowers to deteriorate quicker), and how they are cared for before they are sent to Timeless Moments for preservation (be sure to keep them cool and watered!). Some flowers just don’t always process well such as stephanotis, orchids, daisies and any bloom that has suffered cellular damage. We do have options for “bad” flowers though – please keep reading!

What we do to Ensure the Best Results Possible for Your Flowers

Timeless Moments takes great care of each and every flower and uses the best techniques available to maintain natural color and shape. We do take it all a step further (because we are super detail oriented and want the best results for YOU) by implementing the following…

  • We ask that you send us a photo of your flowers. WHY? As flowers fully open, their color and/or appearance might differ from when you last saw them. By sending us a picture of your flowers, we can reference it during the design process. It simply helps us do our best work for you! Your flower photo should be e.mailed to  In the subject line, put your Name, Event Date and the words “FLOWER PHOTO”. Once we receive your photo, we will email back to confirm we received it. If we do not receive a photo from you, our designers will simply reference the pictures taken of your flowers upon arrival at Timeless Moments. If you do not submit a photo and later request additional work/re-work to “match” an event day photo, additional charges will apply.

  • Replacing flowers. We don’t like to, but sometimes it is necessary. We will take all measures to “freshen up” your flowers upon arrival at Timeless Moments such as trimming the edges and re-hydrating. If a flower cannot be saved, it may be necessary to replace it. We try to do this as little as possible. The point is to have YOUR flowers to look at and enjoy for years to come, but we also recognize that some clients want their keepsake “picture perfect” and that may require a floral replacement or two. If you do not want us to use ANY replacement flowers in your keepsake, please sign the line indicating so at the end of this contract.

  • Replacing “bad” flowers. Remember those “bad” flowers mentioned earlier? Some flowers are trickier to process such as stephanotis and orchids (because they can’t stay hydrated through stems) and daisies (which have small petal sockets). If your arrangement has a large amount of these types of blooms, replacement flowers might be necessary. Also, if your flowers arrive at Timeless Moments in a condition that they cannot be salvaged (moldy, completely deteriorated, etc.) a full replacement will be necessary. Any additional charges that might apply to your order will be reviewed with you during your consultation.

Placing Your Order

Once your flowers are received at Timeless Moments, we recommend scheduling your consultation within 30 days to determine your final keepsake order. Your final keepsake order must be placed within 60 days of receipt of your flowers.

If your order is not placed within 60 days of receipt of your flowers, you will be charged a $20/month flower storage fee until your order has been placed.

It is the client’s responsibility to contact Timeless Moments to place the order. Why do we do this? To help you put a priority on your order and keep it moving. If you delay placing your order, you are also delaying the completion date. The longer it takes you to order, the longer it will take us to get it done.

Completing Your Order

Each keepsake is meticulously handcrafted with the best techniques and utmost care. There are outside factors that affect how long it takes to complete each order (such as humidity levels, equipment maintenance, etc.) so all lead times are estimates only, NOT guaranteed.

  • Framed Keepsakes – 9-12 months

  • Table Top Displays – 6-9 months

  • Flower Petal Jewelry – 3-4 months

The lead time for an order STARTS when all items needed have been received from the client including: final order, order payment, signed copy of Terms & Conditions, flower photo, and (if applicable) any enclosure items to go into a framed keepsake or table top display. Order lead-time does not start when the flowers are received by Timeless Moments.

Enclosure Items for Framed Keepsakes or Table Top Displays

If you decide to include enclosures in your framed keepsake or tabletop display (such as a picture, wedding invitation, memorial card, or other memento) here are some things you need to know.

  • All enclosures must be delivered to Timeless Moments within 90 days of placing your final order. This is necessary to keep your order progressing in a timely fashion.

  • If you do not deliver your enclosure items to Timeless Moments within 90 days of placing your final order, there will be a $20/month late fee applied to your order.

  • As noted above in “completing your order”, your order lead time will not start until all enclosure items have been received by Timeless Moments.

  • Please be sure to label all enclosure items with your name and event date.

  • If you are using an invitation or memorial card, please send an extra copy if available.

  • Timeless Moments will label and store all enclosure items. We promise to take great care when handling your items. We cannot be responsible for items that have been damaged during shipment to us. All risks in sending enclosure items are the client’s responsibility.

Payment Terms

Timeless Moments accepts the following forms of payment: cash (in-store only), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, Pay Pal (through, personal checks, bank checks and money orders. Following are additional payment terms that apply to your order with Timeless Moments.

  • All orders are considered SPECIAL ORDERS and cannot be refunded. Any deposits paid will be directly applied to your order. If you choose to cancel your order at any time, all payments made will be forfeited and flowers will not be returned.
  • Purchased Gift Certificates are not returnable/refundable, but they are transferable.
  • Returned checks will incur a $30.00 processing fee.
  • Cancellations PRIOR to flower delivery are a little different. If you have PRE-RESERVED your flower preservation with a paid deposit, and decide to cancel your reservation BEFORE your flowers arrive at Timeless Moments, you can receive a refund of your paid deposit less a $35 processing fee.
  • By signing this contract, you agree that the credit card used for your order deposit may be kept on file to process any unpaid balances and late fees/storage fees as they become due. If you prefer to use a different form of payment for the balance of your order, you must submit your request in writing to Timeless Moments.

Completed Orders

Before an order can be released for pick-up/shipment/delivery, Timeless Moments must receive final approval of the picture proof (for framed keepsakes only) and the final payment must be processed.

  • Picture proofs
  • (for framed keepsakes) will be emailed to you once your order has been completed. You are responsible for reviewing the picture proof and replying to Timeless Moments to approve your completed keepsake.
  • Don’t delay!
  • Once you have been notified that your keepsake order has been completed, you will be asked to submit your final payment within 30 days of date of notification. If for any reason you are unable to make your final payment within 30 days, Timeless Moments can set you up on a payment plan. All completed orders not paid within 60 days of date of notification will incur a $20/month storage fee. As much as we are sure to enjoy looking at your beautiful keepsake, Timeless Moments simply does not have the room to operate as a storage facility. So please make arrangements to pay for your completed item to avoid storage fees. If after 6 months from your notified completion date you still have not completed the final payment on your order, the order will become the property of Timeless Moments and all payments will be forfeited.
  • Design changes
  • All keepsakes will be crafted according to the design instructions agreed upon during your consultation. (You will receive a confirmation of your design decisions after your consultation, so please make sure to review the confirmation to make sure everything is correct as noted. Any necessary changes or corrections must be sent to Timeless Moments in writing within 14 days of your order confirmation. Otherwise design charges may apply.) Once your order has been completed, any changes or additions will require an additional design fee.
  • Completed item photos
  • Timeless Moments reserves the right to use all photos of completed client items for advertising and display purposes.
  • Extra flowers
  • Any extra flowers will be retained by Timeless Moments. They cannot be returned to you without being put in a display or transformed into Flower Petal Jewelry. You can order additional items if desired from the extra flowers.
  • Remember
  • These are custom crafted items Each flower, display and Flower Petal bead/stone is unique. The item photos shown at will give you an idea of the quality to expect – they are all client pieces! Keep in mind that all keepsakes are hand crafted, so there will be some variation and uniqueness that is inherent to the process. Solid wood frames will have natural wood grain variation including the occasional knot/nick in the wood. Flower color will change slightly as stated at the beginning of this document. Flower Petal Beads may not be perfectly round and may vary slightly in size. We will do our best to swirl the colors in the bead as determined during your consultation, but each bead will be unique and variation cannot be avoided.

Shipping/Delivering the Order

Clients are welcome to pick up their order at the Timeless Moments showroom. This is especially recommended for Framed Keepsakes. If you are not local to Timeless Moments, we are happy to ship your order directly to you. Your order will be packed in a way that will secure and protect your completed keepsake. Timeless Moments ships via USPS Priority Mail. You will be responsible for all shipping and handling charges.

  • Insuring your shipment
  • Due to the fragile nature of our product, all framed keepsakes will be shipped with added insurance to cover the cost of your order. Timeless Moments will pack your shipment in a protected, secure manner, however we cannot control how the package is handled by the carrier so cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred during transit to you. In the unlikely event that your keepsake is damaged during shipment, Timeless Moments will:
  • 1) provide you with any information needed to file a claim with the carrier.
  • 2) work with you to repair and/or replace the damaged portion of your keepsake. Timeless Moments cannot be responsible for total replacement of enclosure items.
  • What doesn’t ship well
  • Heavy items such as brooches, wine glasses, metal crosses, etc. do not ship well. Although they are securely fastened into your keepsake, their weight makes them more likely to come loose and damage your display due to rough handling by the carrier. If you choose to include heavy items in your keepsake, please consider picking up the keepsake from our showroom if at all possible. Timeless Moments cannot be held responsible for damage during shipment due to heavy enclosure items. We will work with you to repair damage if it does occur. (See notation about insurance above.)
  • Shedding
  • Some florals tend to “shed” or drop petals or greenery after processing. We do our best to prevent this during our treatment process, but it is natural and normal for some shedding to occur (especially during shipping). Please don’t be alarmed if your keepsake “sheds”.
  • Change of address If you move during the order process, please communicate your change of address to Timeless Moments in writing. This also applies if you have had a change in your phone or email. If we cannot contact you regarding your order, you will still be responsible for any associated costs (storage fees and/or late fees) applied to your order.
  • Verifying your order Immediately upon receipt, you should verify your order to make sure that all items have been received. If you have any problems or concerns with your order, you must notify Timeless Moments within 14 days of receipt.

Thank you for being an amazing client and reading through this information regarding your keepsake order! We look forward to creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake for you. Please download and sign the document and return ALL PAGES to Timeless Moments.