Bridal Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Wedding GownJust like your bouquet, your wedding dress serves as a traditional and meaningful memory of your special day. Timeless Moments has teamed up with the Wedding Gown Preservation Co. to bring state of the art gown preservation to our clients. Wedding Gown Preservation Co. has been recognized for their superior technique and service in cleaning and repairing bridal attire. They are able to remove 95% of all stains and also offer an expert repair service if your gown has been damaged.

Bridal Gown Cleaning and PreservationYour gown will be expertly cleaned and preserved. The preservation will be completed in a modern lab where it will carefully be put through proprietary treatments to prevent yellowing and discoloration. Your gown will be fitted to a full bust and carefully packed into an acid-free preservation chest with a display window. As a bonus, you may include three items with the gown such as a veil, jacket, garter, or ring pillow, at no additional charge. Once your gown is ready, it will be safely shipped back to you.

Your gown will come back to you in a sealed preservation chest with a 100-year Certificate of Guarantee. A glove will be provided so you can open the chest and handle the gown. Opening the chest does not void the guarantee, however, if the gown is handled excessively or soiled it should be cleaned and preserved again.

Timeless Moments will help you set up the process, and if you ever have any questions or concerns, you can contact us directly for assistance. Please call us at 440-523-1099 to set up your gown preservation.