Frequently Asked Questions

Timeless Moments

Below we have compiled a comprehensive collection of questions and answers. If you have any further questions or need more information, please feel free to call us at 440-523-1099, us or fill out our contact form, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Q: What is freeze drying?

A: Very simply, freeze-drying is a preservation process for fresh flowers that maintain the natural shape and vibrant color of the botanical. Other methods of preservation are available but do not compare in the ability to produce an incredibly true to life product. Good Housekeeping Magazine and NBC Dateline rated freeze-drying the best preservation method available today.

Q: How long does it take?

A: No shortcuts are taken in our creation of the most natural and unique product in the floral preservation industry. Each flower is considered an individual work of art and handled with care throughout the entire process. The freeze-drying process itself takes 14-18 days. This does not include the time to pretreat, post-treat and design.

Q: Can anyone freeze-dry?

A: Professional floral freeze-drying is a combination of science and design. Sophisticated and expensive equipment is required. The technology was initially created for the pharmaceutical and food service industry and has been adapted to accommodate the unique requirements needed for creating natural-looking preserved botanicals. Knowledge of fresh botanical, manufacturing and creative design are imperative in the success of quality freeze-drying.

Q: Can all the flowers be freeze-dried?

A: Almost all botanicals may be freeze-dried. However, some flowers with small petal attachments may not hold up during the process. Flowers in the daisy family have small sockets, and pre/post treatments are essential in the process.

Q: Do the flowers change color?

A: Some colors tend to deepen, and white tends to cream and antique. The flowers will no longer have a dewy fresh appearance because they have been dehydrated. The shape and color will be maintained as close as possible, and they will certainly look real.

Q: How long will the flowers last?

A: This depends on the environment the flowers are kept in after preservation. Humidity and ultraviolet lights are the chief culprits of deterioration. A glass or acrylic case frame or dome will help to minimize humidity and keeping them out of direct sunlight will minimize fading. We offer a wide variety of beautiful containers.

Timeless Moments

Q: Can I simply have my flowers freeze-dried then returned to me?

A: Because of the nature of the freeze-drying process, all flowers must be encased in a display or transformed into Flower Petal Jewelry before returning to the client. We are not able to return just the freeze-dried flowers. After freeze-drying, they are much too delicate to be left unprotected. Flowers that are not protected by an encasement will not last. The displays used by Timeless Moments will ensure your freeze-dried flowers will keep their color and remain beautiful for years to come.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The cost is based on the type and size of the display or the type of jewelry. We offer displays ranging typically from $75 to $900 with an average hovering around $400 to $800. All that is required before the wedding is a $200 deposit for framed keepsakes and $100 for jewelry keepsakes. Once the display or jewelry setting is chosen at least half, the total balance should be paid at that time. The rest can be divided into payments or simply settled when the job is complete. We have many beautiful options that can be made within most any budget.

Q: When do I order?

A: If you are a customer with memory flowers (other than a wedding) call us as soon as possible to arrange for our services. For all other customers, we ask that you call and reserve a space before the wedding day. This will give us time to send the necessary supplies and information to you.

If your wedding has already taken place or will take place in a matter of days; call us anyway! We can still help.

Q: Do I need to select a display now?

A: No. All we require is a $200 deposit for framed keepsakes and $100 for jewelry keepsakes; this is a non-refundable deposit, which will be applied directly to your display package. Once the flowers arrive, we do require a final framing or jewelry decision within four weeks. A designer will be available for a consultation to review your order and offer suggestions for creating a keepsake that best suits both your flowers and personal style.

Q: How soon do you need the flowers?

A: The fresher the flower, the better the results. Flowers should be shipped or dropped off the first business day after the event. Learn how to ship us your flowers.

Q: What if my event happened a long time ago?

A: If your event happened months or years ago, your flowers have already air dried. Timeless Moments can still turn your flowers into beautiful flower petal jewelry. The colors will be slightly more muted than using flowers that have been professionally freeze dried. However, we can still create a unique and stunning piece.

Air Dried Flowers

If your event happened over a month ago, or years ago, your flowers have already air-dried. We can still turn your flowers into gorgeous flower petal jewelry. The colors will be slightly more muted than those that have been professionally freeze-dried, but can still result in an amazingly beautiful piece.

When shipping us your air-dried flowers, please follow the basic steps detailed on how to ship us your flowers page. You don’t need to use a coolant block or frozen bottles of water when packing your flowers. You also don’t need to overnight the flowers, however, the sooner we receive the flowers, the better the results will be.