In order to preserve the rich vibrant color of your flowers, specific chemicals are applied to the petals. Once this is done, the treated flowers are then placed on a tray and loaded into our state-of-the-art freeze-dryer.

The flowers are frozen at temperatures of -30° and will be adjusted very slowly until the chamber reaches 70°. A vacuum is formed in the chamber so that the moisture from the flowers can be slowly extracted. This part of the procedure is done at a slower rate so as to prevent damage to the petals from the moisture bursting out of the cells.Timeless Moments

The flowers are initially brittle when taken out of the freeze-dryer, thus they are handled with gentle hands and returned to room temperature to allow softening. The flowers are arranged on wires and color enhancement is applied if needed. A thin layer of polymer coating is added to the petals of each flower to protect them from dust, moisture, and light.

The flowers are then stored in a special container until the design process is ready to be started. All extra items must be received before the keepsake can be assembled. During this time, the post-treatment will dry completely and the flowers become less brittle.