Dealer Incentive Program

Timeless Moments is dedicated to creating a Dealer Incentive Program that provides our members the ability to create timeless floral treasures for their clients while improving their bottom line. Joining our Dealer Incentive Program can give your business a great add-on service. The freeze-dry floral creations from Timeless Moments are stunning and unique. Your customers will be amazed that their flowers can be turned into such exquisite keepsakes. Don’t miss the opportunity to make that extra sale when you already have your clients in the door. Make it a Timeless Moments memory!

Joining the Timeless Moments Dealer Program is easy! As a dealer, you simply need to make the sale to your client. The expert staff at Timeless Moments will do the rest! Each client will receive a personal consultation with a professional designer at Timeless Moments. During the consultation, the designer will assist the client in making their Floral Frame Display or Flower Petal Jewelry design decisions. We will process the flowers and craft the client’s keepsake product.

New dealers will be provided with a Starter Sales Display Kit which will include all of the materials needed to promote and sell Timeless Moments’ Professional Freeze-Dry Flower Preservation service. (There is a one-time nominal fee for the Starter Kit. Please contact Timeless Moments for details.) Included in the Dealer Incentive program is our Display Incentive Program in which dealers can earn Floral Displays, Flower Petal Jewelry and other great gifts with their preservation orders. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have.